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imos AR iX 


imos AR iX is a smartphone/tablet app with uses Augmented Reality to project furniture designed with imos CAD iX into the home environment. This allows the customer to see what the furniture would look like in their own room. The app works by using the camera on the mobile device, which shows the room environment and then the imos AR iX  app overlays the 3D model, including realistic material and colour representations. 

Different furniture designs within the real environment can be recorded and then it is possible to share these images and discuss with friends on social media platforms. In addition, the communication between the manufacturer and customer will be significantly improved as modified wishes can be submitted through the app. 

The manufacturer provides their customer the design and presentation data out of imos CAD via the Cloud. The customer uses their smartphone or tablet to look at the projects or comment them. The result: The customer becomes an active part of the process chain.

imos AR iX is offered as an add-on to imos CAD iX 2017. The customer can download the necessary app easily and free of charge from the Google Play and Apple App Store.


The following apps are available in the App Store and free of charge:
imos 360: This app offers a new communication channel for manufacturer and customer. Pictures, quotations or other documents can be presented and commented via the app.

imos Viewer: The 'imos viewer' offers an Augmented Reality function, which makes it possible to project virtual furniture into real rooms.
Furthermore, the app offers a direct access to the E-Mail and camera function of the mobile device. This allows the customer a fast and easy way to get in contact with the manufacturer.

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