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01/ imos CAD iX

Convince your customers with detailed room planning: articles can be placed quickly and easily. 3D walls can be created from 2D drawings from the architect, windows, doors or stairs are also easily placed in the correct position. Lights, plants, and many other accessories make the appearance of the room complete.

With the new version of CAD iX imos is also announcing the launch of PLAN 2.0

Incredibly simple to use, PLAN 2.0 takes your production data and allows your sales designers to spaceplan designs quickly, simply and safe in the knowledge that the designs presented are using the most up to date production data. 

Impressive room planning

Convince your customers with detailed room planning: Architectural details can be placed quickly and easily. 3D walls can be created from 2D drawings from the architect, windows, doors or stairs are also easily placed in the correct position. Lights, plants, and many other accessories make the appearance of the room complete.

Live Search for Article insertion and planning

Then the selected article is positioned in the 3D-room planning using some easy but powerful positioning tools.  

Cabinet design and construction

Articles use real world materials and fittings and have all the associated manufacturing and purchasing data associated to ensure accurate production designs are created from the initial 3D space plans.

3D Designs and Space planning in realtime

Designs can be viewed from all angles allowing potential customers to see aspects of the design, ensuring every detail is covered and because imos PLAN 2.0 uses live CAD data supplied from imos CAD iX with all relevant finishes, edge treatments and fittings you can be confident that what you present is what the customer will receive. 

CAD drawings: Plans, elevations and sections

With CAD iX technical plan views, elevations sections and details have never been easier. With the new dimensioning and annotation principles marking up technical drawings can be completed instantly based on custom pre-set configurations. 
Provide very detailed technical drawings for customers and project partners to document your designs safe in the knowledge that drawings will update to reflect the current design iteration, or any changes made.

Exploded views and details

Document Manager 2.0

Combining the parametric power of imos and the design documentation tools of imos allows you to create technical exploded views of cabinetry in seconds making design decisions and presentations simple and quick

Documenting your completed designs ready for sign of or manufacture has never been easier with the new Document manager 2.0

A fully customisable wizard that allows user to create automatic part, assembly and exploded view drawings at the click of a button. 

Save drawings in native DWG format for further editing/processing by third parties or as pdf files to send securely.  

Rendered Visualisations

Use the power of the AutoCAD internal rendering engine to create photorealistic visuals of your designs to present to clients. When combined with the accurate 3D production models of your furniture designs, lights and the new iX materials creating renders like these take a few minutes. 

Parametric furniture design made easy

Integrated within imos CAD iX is the Article Designer tool.  This intuitive tool is used to create new (or change existing) products in your library.


You can divide the product you want to create in multiple sections or ‘zones.’  You then select parts from your library to place into the product.  These parts have rules, and connections, so when say a cam & dowelled unit base with adjustable legs is placed into the product, the system knows exactly where to place the hardware, and automatically applies associated drillings into the side panels.


The result is shown in a 3D preview which can be rotated in all directions to verify details.


All design rules in the library and in the Article Designer can be parametric and related to cabinet dimensions (for example number of adjustable shelves -additional connectors and so on).

Usability improvements

Additional usability features have been introduced into iX in latest version. Tools such as collision detection make it easier than ever to validate and check design construction of furniture items ensuring your designs work the first time. Usage reporting ensures that data is created and maintained in the most efficient way possible and the new parametric descriptors found in article designer make your models work harder and with great flexibility than before. 


Parametric hardware insertion and selection

Support of all common connections in furniture and interior design

Connection situations in the design are automatically analysed, suitable connector elements selected and fittings positioned on the basis of parametrical rules. If the designer inserts a connector, imos detects all independencies and generates necessary workings like drilling or grooving. Adjacent parts, drawings, BoM, order lists and CNC programs are automatically updated, the consistency is guaranteed in full extent.

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