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Published in September publication of 'Furniture & Joinery Production' the article below details the latest developments in imos iX 2017 and gives a great insight into where the software will be heading in the future. 

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A Virtual change?

The new imos version breaks from the existing naming structure. Following on from the release of imos 12 in October 2015 you’d expect the latest version announced at Ligna in May to be called imos 13.0. However, we were greeted with imos iX. So why the change?

imos AG Managing Director for Sales and Marketing Winfried Dell says "With imos iX, we are breaking the tradition and making clear that our solutions continue to develop." "We see it as our task to find, test and make technological innovations available to the industry. The ‘i’ stands for ‘innovation’ and integration, the "X" is derived from the English word like ‘exchange’ and stands for the exchange of the data on different applications throughout the entire sales and manufacturing process. imos iX is today far more than a CAD/CAM system. imos iX is a complete solution for the sale and manufacturing of furniture and equipment in the area of networked production and industry 4.0." Originally from the CAD/CAM sector, imos AG is developing additional sales solutions for the wood working industry and trades. The 3D product data models generated in the design process, including the parameters, are directly transferred into sales catalogues with all their characteristics making this data available to desktop or online planning solutions. Depending on the configuration, the modules are suitable for both B2B and B2C business models. With imos iX, imos AG is taking a further step and is offering solutions along the "Customer Journey". End users and Designers can work together on ideas that can be exchanged online and thus gradually lead to solutions

Adam Bumpsteed Director of in3D says “We’ve been the authorised partner for imos here in the UK for nearly ten years, and we’ve seen a lot of advances in the software over that time.  We’re really excited about iX however, imos has really pushed the boat out with this latest release.  All of the great advances seen in imos12 for example, the new user interfaces and improved rendering features have been developed. What we are really excited about however is some of the more understated features that we know our existing users as well as our new customers will love.”

These features Adam explained include an overhaul to the way imos produces automated drawings of Room layouts, cabinetry and even individual parts. Also the much requested ‘clash detection’ which allows designers to for example, pick up on hinges and shelves in close proximity. A classic problem finally thwarted.

Advanced 3D product configuration.

The focus of the imos online applications such as ‘Net Designer’ lies in the 3D configuration and planning. These applications have now been expanded technologically, so that any kind of furnishing elements can be processed. It is now also possible to configure and plan seating and upholstery furniture or bought in parts. To this the possibility to simulate kinematic movements can be added, such as the seat mechanics of a chair or the opening and closing of a sliding door.

Photorealistic images on mobile devices.

The configured furniture can now be combined with room planning. Decoration elements are added and, if necessary, global changes can be made to the entire planning process. Afterwards, wall views, including dimensions, can be generated automatically or a high-quality almost photorealistic image can be calculated. The latter is done with the help of the new online render service, which generates high-quality images quickly and uncomplicated from the planning result, independently from the technical equipment on the terminal. The services is completed via the cloud.


Virtual reality for imos AG means that the CAD technology breaks into the latest visualization tools for experiencing the planning results created with imos software.  imos AG is showing how VR technology can be used to promote sales and be involved in the sales process in Hannover for the first time in the so-called "iX lab". Visitors are invited to take a picture of the virtual experience and to marvel at the new possibilities and quality.

Sales planning for professionals

Sales planning based on imos iX CAD will enter the second round. With iX PLAN, imos AG will be offering a desktop planning solution for the professional user in addition to your online applications. Perfect for remote design offices or dealerships iX PLAN allows interior designers to use production ready data to design and configure orders with the end user and send the data to production. With iX PLAN we have specifically simplified the process, the output improved and the speed optimized in order to keep up with the established kitchen planning packages. PLAN Link is the associated web service that updates the catalogues and sends the customer orders to the manufacturing plant.


“All of the new sales modules such as the improved Augmented Reality App and Virtual reality experience are great tools to offer any modern sales force looking to sell bespoke or custom furniture.” Adam goes on. “The best thing though, imos is always true to their CAD|CAM roots, ensuring that the flexible parametric modelling combined with the power of AutoCAD 2018 offers their users the ability to quickly and accurately product production ready data in minutes for even the most complex of designs”

Optimisation through integration.

The demand for integrated solutions is increasing and with it the requirement for standardized interfaces and shorter lead times. With the new ‘Integration Centre’, imos AG has created a central tool for the professional connection of the imos suite of solutions with external systems such as ERP, MES and sales systems. ‘iBots’ play an important role. These are program blocks which can be assembled into connectors as part of the integration project, in order to realize the connection to the involved systems and to automate the communication. The integrated error logging and monitoring provide the necessary transparency in the data flow and help in error analysis.

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